Keswick Ministries Web Project20181214150446

Keswick Ministries Web Project

kcswebsDecember 14, 20180 comments
We are very pleased to have recently won a tender to redevelop a new website for Keswick Ministries. The project will involve the complete overhaul a...
KCS’ Broadband Partner, Zen Rated Least-Whinged-About20181115151441

KCS’ Broadband Partner, Zen Rated Least-Whinged-About

kcswebsNovember 15, 20180 comments
KCS’ broadband partner of 15 years, Zen Internet was recently touted the least-whinged-about broadband provider in a Which? survey, whilst broad...
Turing Fest Learnings20180806131007

Turing Fest Learnings

Content marketing is broken. The new way Google understands the world. Marketing in an AI world. Everything we know about marketing and advertising ...
Google’s August Algorithm Update & why traditional SEO is dying20180803131248

Google’s August Algorithm Update & why traditional SEO is dying

kcswebsAugust 3, 20180 comments
Google confirmed a broad core update on their Algorithm on 1st August. What does this mean? Well, essentially your site’s SEO might be impacted ...
Cumbrian weather vs Calvert Trust Broadband20180712171810

Cumbrian weather vs Calvert Trust Broadband

kcswebsJuly 12, 20180 comments
Six years of Cumbrian weather eventually took down the 4-mile wireless link that feeds broadband to the Calvert Trust. A few weeks ago we got the call...
Russian Hackers Strike!20180620081646

Russian Hackers Strike!

kcswebsJune 20, 20180 comments
Recently, a joint statement was released by the UK’s National Crime Security Centre (NCSC), the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Fed...
Encryption Virus Infection20180617082603

Encryption Virus Infection

kcswebsJune 17, 20180 comments
We have recently dealt with an encryption virus infection at one of our contracted customers. Although these infections have fallen from the News, the...
GDPR & Cookies Consent20180523130751

GDPR & Cookies Consent

kcswebsMay 23, 20180 comments
Cookie consent and complying with the GDPRThe one question we have received most, regarding GDPR and cookies is... "My website doesn’t process perso...


kcswebsMay 22, 20180 comments
At the recent FSB workshop in Keswick about GDPR, Rianda Markram (Head of Content and Training, LHS Solicitors) shared some of the key points about GD...
EE 4G Home Broadband Goes Live20180309155532

EE 4G Home Broadband Goes Live

kcswebsMarch 9, 20180 comments
On Friday 9th of February 2018 EE launched their 4G Home Broadband to general availability....