From Sophos Authorised Partner to Silver Partner in Just One Year

Sophos-silver-partner In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the journey from being a Sophos Authorised Partner to achieving Silver Partner status within a year is an achievement worth celebrating. KCS IT Services, a stalwart in the IT industry since 1998, shares its inspiring story of dedication, hard work, and team accreditation that propelled them to new heights in collaboration with Sophos, a British-based security software and hardware company established in 1985.

The Partnership with Sophos

KCS IT Services, with its roots deeply embedded in providing IT services since 1998, found a strategic ally in Sophos. As a British-based cybersecurity giant established in 1985, Sophos has been at the forefront of innovation, continually evolving to tackle the ever-growing challenges of the digital landscape. With a mission to protect millions of users and over 500,000 organisations worldwide, Sophos became the natural choice for KCS IT Services to enhance its security services.

The Accelerated Journey as Hard Work Pays Off

The transition from a Sophos Authorised Partner to Silver Partner in just one year is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our team. Through hard work and accreditation, the team at KCS IT Services embraced the latest advancements in Sophos’ offerings, ensuring we are well-equipped to provide robust security solutions to our customers.

Looking Ahead

As KCS continues its journey with Sophos, the focus remains on staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve and safeguarding our customers in Cumbria and beyond. The Silver Partner status opens doors to further collaboration, ensuring that clients receive state-of-the-art protection in an ever-changing digital landscape.