Navigating the Windows 10 End of Support: Embracing Windows 11

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 10’s end of support after 14th October 2025 signals a important transition for users. With security updates and technical support ceasing, migrating to Windows 11 becomes imperative. However, this shift poses compatibility challenges.
Windows 11 boasts enhanced security features and a new interface, but not all processors support it, and Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) are now essential for functionality. At KCS IT Services, we understand the importance of a seamless transition. Our team can evaluate your computer’s compatibility with Windows 11, providing tailored guidance and troubleshooting to facilitate the upgrade process.
For those ready to move to Windows 11, our upgrade services ensure a smooth transition. From data transfer to compatibility checks, our technicians handle every aspect efficiently. We also offer hardware enhancements like memory and SSD upgrades to optimise performance and extend your computer’s lifespan.

Don’t be caught off guard by the end of Windows 10 support and embrace the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11 with our support and ensure your systems remain secure and efficient for years to come.