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Cyber security KCS Keswick

Encryption Virus Infection

Table of Contents We have recently dealt with an encryption virus infection at one of our contracted customers. Although these infections have fallen from the

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GDPR & Cookies Consent

Cookie consent and complying with the GDPR The one question we have received most, regarding GDPR and cookies is… “My website doesn’t process personal data,

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GDPR compliance


At the recent FSB workshop in Keswick about GDPR, Rianda Markram (Head of Content and Training, LHS Solicitors) shared some of the key points about

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Drone Footage

We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words and video perhaps even more so. Learn more about professional drone footage and stills for your website and the new drone safety regulations.

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Backup rules KCS Keswick

Backup Strategy and Disaster Recovery

Following the recent NHS attack, we have fielded a number of enquiries about backup and disaster recovery. The backup model which we’ve followed for some time, and highly recommend, is the 3-2-1 model.

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Petya/Nyetya Ransomware

We are sure you will have read, or heard, about the latest variety of ransomware doing the rounds labelled as Petya/Nyetya, and you maybe wondering

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