eCommerce Website Design

An eCommerce website is a key component to any retail business. Customers can shop whenever and wherever they like, and give you much more flexibility than a brick-built shop. From bookings to book-ends, you can sell anything online, and our chosen eCommerce platform, WooCommerce can handle them all.

Why choose an eCommerce website?

eCommerce gives you massive potential to reach customers far and wide. Grab an eCommerce website and suddenly your shop is open around the globe, 24/7. It’s also a fab opportunity to encourage customers to signup to your email newsletter offering discount codes and sales, giving your business more exposure.

In 2018, eCommerce sales accounted for a massive 11.9% of all retail sales world wide. Setting up shop online really is a no-brainer! eCommerce Website Design

Each KCS eCommerce Website Includes...

Top Notch Security

Keeping yours, and more importantly, your customers information safe.

Reporting & Statistics

Analyse how well your store is performing and where you can make informed changes.

Easy to Use CMS

Edit your website easily and quickly and publish new products and services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimised for ranking on relevant search results.

Bespoke Functionality & Integrations

No two businesses are the same, and as such no two eCommerce websites are the same. We can deliver bespoke functionality for your website, from a unique booking experience to product customisation.

We can also integrate a multitude of payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Worldpay and Sage out of the box, and even generate full PDF invoices, add purchase order numbers and offer specific user payment methods.

eCommerce Website Integrations