The KCS Office

A great place to work, or watch the world go by.

It's all about the view.

After 16 years, we moved our office from Packhorse Court in the centre of Keswick to our brand new location in Braithwaite Farm. Our old office did serve our space requirements well, but because it was a barn conversion we had minimal natural light, especially in the engineering space and when you work in one of the most beautiful places on the planet it’s nice to be able to see it, even when you are at work.

Parking at our office is another great bonus for staff and customers alike. Parking is directly outside, making it far easier for customers to drop off or collect computers.

The best feature of our new office is the huge window we now have that looks out uninterrupted to the whole Skiddaw massif.

We’re as green as possible.

The field isn’t the only green thing around here, so’s our energy.

We’re proud that the electricity used to power our desktops and servers is sourced from a green energy provider, and the last one out the office at night ensures that there are no monitors or desktops left switched on.

Our heating is fuelled with biomass fuel too. The willow field directly in front of our office contributes to our warmth, on the rare days we actually feel the cold in the warm office.

Finally, our web servers are also certified green. That means that our hosts are using green energy for power or compensation for their services.

No boring meetings here.

Meetings in our office are pretty special, even on the dullest of days. The first thing that visitors comment on is the view, and we agree with them. You can see a time-lapse of a typical meeting here, those rolling clouds are impressive.

We’ve had helicopters, light aircraft, paragliders and parachutists all land outside during a meeting at some point.

We’re proud of our office location and the benefits offered from being here and we hope to see you for a website review or a discussion regarding your network support.