SEO Tips: Rank Highly on Google

Tired of being pestered and promised the world by SEO cold callers suggesting you part with your hard-earned cash in exchange for a high google ranking? As soon as you get a new website and your details are up on the world wide web you will no doubt become victim to apparent “SEO experts” telling you how much better your SEO could be and how they will fulfill all your wildest SEO dreams getting your website to number one on Google. Our response to this? Beware! There are many charlatans out there ready to take your money and not give you much in return.

Or perhaps you have that annoying nagging feeling that you could and should do more to improve your website’s visibility and get it in front of the right people. Perhaps you have already invested in an amazing website, but are struggling to actually attract the right viewers and convert them into customers.

Spending money on SEO can be a bottomless pit, however it doesn’t need to be. Google is very fair and very clever. The old tricks that used to be performed by people wanting to get their site up the ranks by trying to trick the system are now not only no longer valid, but can actually be counter-productive.

So how do you get your website noticed and ranked highly on Google? There a plenty of things you can do – here are our top five tips:

1) Content is King

Google ranks good quality genuine content far above anything else, so make sure you have the right content on your website (in the right places) and that users can quickly and easily find what they are looking for  – think good User Experience (UX)  with a short/sweet navigation menu. Also ensure you regularly update your content – using a blog is a good way to do this.

2) Mobile-Friendly / Responsive Website

Ensure your website is mobile friendly. Google will rank responsive (mobile-friendly) websites much higher than those websites that are not optimised to be viewed and used by mobile devices. With most people owning a smart phone, even if you do get a viewer persevering with a desktop version of a website on their mobile, they’re not likely to stay for long as they quickly get frustrated.

3) Optimise Your Content

Optimise your content for search engines – keep image sizes low for fast load times and ensure they are labelled correctly to help search engines know what they relate to. Ensure keywords are used in your headings and that the content doesn’t waffle or bore your audience.

4) Tell Google about your site

Make sure google knows about your business and your website with a free Google My Business account and keep this updated

5) Be Sociable

Integrate your website with social media accounts and be sociable with your audience. Keep the conversation going by actively engaging with your social media community and increasing your brand’s visibility. Don’t use social media to sell your business/products. Use it to be social. Think of it like word-of-mouth on steroids.

Further SEO & Digital Marketing Advice

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