Core Web Vitals on Elementor Sites

You may have read one of our recent blog posts regarding “Core Web Vitals” and how important they are for the business success of your website and how you can improve your score! In this article we’ll explore how the software we use to build websites works to help your website be as fast as it can be.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a website builder plugin for WordPress which utilises a drag and drop interface. This switch from a text focused user interface to a user friendly approach makes the editing process so much easier, enabling more people to make website edits. Elementor is based on WordPress which powers over 35% of all websites. We believe that a WordPress and Elementor site is the perfect combination of speed, security, reliability and crucially ease of use.

The main reason we use Elementor is for ease of use. We can create the initial templates and fill out content and then hand it over to our customers to make regular edits and add new content down the line. Because Elementor is so easy to use, we can unlock all parts of the site for editing including headers, footers, and menus. These parts are regularly locked-down within WordPress and would usually result in a fee for changes.

Is Elementor Fast?

Elementor is built using the latest technology and with site speed in mind. The latest versions (which we build on) include optimisations for core web vitals meaning your site is immediately better off for using Elementor.

Better still, Elementor is constantly being updated and new features are being added. This means your website will gain enhancements and editor improvements to make it faster, better, and even easier to use!

Not the whole story

While the choice of Elementor as a page builder certainly helps improve the Core Web Vitals of your website, it’s not the whole story and we still employ lots of other methods of optimisation on your site as standard on every web project; things like caching content so that the site can be saved for repeat visitors, as well as image compression that saves the amount of bytes that have to be loaded over the network when your site loads. These methods combined with the built in optimisation features of Elementor ensure your site from KCS is as fast and effective as possible for your visitors and customers.

Is Elementor just for basic sites?

Elementor can be used to create a whole host of websites, from a small business one-page site to a full-blown eCommerce installation using WooCommerce.

Because Elementor is WordPress-based, we can build custom add-ons, features, and widgets for your website and integrate them into the drag and drop builder. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at our portfolio for examples of real-world Elementor websites.

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