5 Reasons You Need A New Website

5. Your site looks just like it did when it launched in 2010.

Plain and simple, if you haven’t updated your website design in the last ten years, now is the time to do it. Those tiny images and pages of text, dozens of font styles and a colour scheme that screams “brown is the best” are tarnishing your reputation. A simple Google search of the worst websites will reveal a host of amazingly great examples, our favourite being The Worst Web Site Ever.

We get it, your website isn’t “that bad,” but there’s a good chance it still falls short of current website standards and trends. An easy way to assess your web design is to check out your competition’s websites. How does your current website compare to the top competitors in your industry?

4. You haven’t updated your site in more than 3 years.

We say it a lot, but technologies change and platforms get updated so websites need to keep up. At KCS, our webs team have completely revamped our website three times in the last 5 years. We are constantly tweaking the design and layouts to ensure things stay current with the latest design trends and user experience improvements.

Appearance aside, there are many “behind the scenes” reasons to update your site. For example, does it have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate? If your URL doesn’t have a little padlock icon in front of it when displayed in a web browser, it’s not considered secure. An SSL certificate is a major factor in how well your website is ranks in search engines too. We can purchase, configure and install an SSL certificate for your website at any time, just contact us.

3. You have to call or email someone to make changes for you.

Back in the day, in the world of HTML and FTP, you had to rely on web developers to make changes every time you want to edit content, add a news post or perform other simple tasks, likely costing you time and money.

KCS develop websites using WordPress, which is the leading the Content Management System (CMS) powering 35% of the web. We make it easy for site owners to take charge of their website without having to learn code or be a web designer. No more calling or emailing when you need to add a quick blog post or a price change. We even have a knowledge base that is kept up to date with how to’s and other useful information.

2. You don’t have enough leads or conversions from your site.

Plain and simple, if you aren’t getting enough leads or sales conversions from your site, it’s likely time for an upgrade. All the reasons we’ve outlined on this list can contribute to poor conversion rates and, if more than one problem looks familiar, you owe it to yourself and your bottom line to update your business website.

1. Your current website isn’t responsive or mobile friendly.

The biggest reason you should consider a new website. Mobile website traffic now makes up more than half of web visits around the globe. If your site isn’t compatible with mobile devices, you’re missing out on all those potential visitors and sales.

Mobile-first websites load faster, and search engines show their search results from a mobile standpoint not desktop. Our webs team design websites mobile-first, then scale up as user engagement on mobile devices will only increase in the future.

So, what did you score out of 5?

3 out of 5 perhaps? Even if you scored 1 out of 5, it’s probably time for a new website. We are offering all our clients and customers a free website review. We’ll arrange a time for you to come into our office (yes the one with the great view).

We’ll sit down with a cuppa and go through the pros and cons of your current website and make some recommendations for you. Schedule an appointment now.

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