Cyber Security Month – KCS’ top tips for keeping your data secure

It’s international cyber security month! You may not be as excited as we are for this, but you should be at the very least adopting these 6 cyber security tips.

In this modern world, everyone is at risk of a cyber attack and we need to be doing everything we can to prevent this.

1. Anyone can get hacked

It really doesn’t matter who you are – you’re still a target for a cyber attack. If you have any data stored online, then you’re an attractive target. The worst thing you can do is think “it won’t happen to me”, it’s this lack of awareness and care that leads to most security breaches.

2. Change your password – and make it a good one

Make sure you’re using a strong password. It’s so important to ensure that these aren’t easily cracked, as this is an easy gateway into your personal data.

At KCS, we use the battery-horse-staple method of generating passwords. We take a number of random words, separated by a character and ending in a number. These passwords are much more secure than a simple one-word password, and are memorable too.

Take a look at, pop in a password and it will tell you how secure it is, and how long it would take a computer to crack. Try your password, you might be surprised how quickly your account could be compromised.

3. Backup your data

You should make sure you have a separate copy of all your important data – just incase. In an ideal world, you’ll have this data stored on an off-site backup, too. With the rise in ransomware, it’s becoming more and more important to backup your machine – once your computer is compromised, it’s extremely difficult to rectify and it’s always best to restore from a clean backup.

We offer a managed backup service for both business and domestic use – if you’d like more information on this please contact us.

4. Antivirus & Anti-Malware

It’s imperative that you have some antivirus / anti-malware software installed on your machine, even if you have a mac. Everyone that uses the internet is at risk here, so having a good quality security package is essential.

We recommend ESET to all of our customers. We find that it’s most up to date, with regular security patches including the latest patterns found in viruses and malware.

5. Keep software up-to-date

Installing the latest software updates is imperative for security. Next time windows update tells you to update your machine – make sure you do, or at least schedule this for a time when you’re not busy.

If you’re not already, consider installing Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. These two browsers automatically update and receive security patches, keeping you safe online. They will also attempt to stop you from accessing pages that look malicious or suspicious to keep you safe.

6. Secure your network

Especially if you’re a business user. Network security is essential to businesses, more so if your business holds any form of customer data. This includes setting up firewalls, access control, enforcing password policies and undertaking regular cyber security reviews.

At KCS, our engineers are cyber essentials certified, and can provide cyber essentials certificates for your business. For more information, please contact us.