Covid-19 update: 24th March

As discussed previously, KCS has had a contingency plan in place for a couple of weeks and we have now instigated the appropriate changes.

Engineers are now working from home. This in no way hampers their ability to respond to requests or carry out remote work. As engineers are geographically scattered around Cumbria, they may not be able to put you straight through to the engineer you wish to speak to. Please be prepared to leave a message and someone will call you back.

All but essential callouts will be put on hold. Where required, alternate services / systems may be put in place.

The office is down to minimum staffing in order to keep the workshop running.

Equipment drop offs to the KCS office will be put through an airlock system. A table will be provided just inside the doorway for you to drop your computer, please ensure it is labelled with your company name and a contact number. Call up the stairs to let us know and it will be collected.

A large number of remote working requests have now been serviced, but we are still prioritising these and critical contract customer issues before other jobs at present.

We are still receiving a lot of requests for set up, so please bear with us and we’ll keep you running.