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Wondering why your website isn’t topping the search engine results pages? Have you worked hard on creating your new website only to realise that people aren’t seeing it because it isn’t ranking highly enough on Google?

At KCS we’ve been hard at work lately producing SEO audits that produce actionable steps and lots of helpful insights into your search visibility, domain authority and keyword rankings. But what does all this mean and what can an SEO audit do for your business? This article’s aim is to help you understand the world of SEO and how we can help you along the way.

First things first, the term “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” which is defined by webopedia as “the process of improving a website or web page so it increases organic traffic quality and quantity from search engines. The most popular search engine is Google but other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo etc,) are also relevant. Successful SEO means a web page will be more likely to appear higher on a search engines results page (SERP).”

When we perform an SEO audit or report, we do an in-depth analysis of every factor on your website that might be hurting or helping your SEO, these factors include but are not limited to: keyword analysis, metadata (information about the content on the page), mobile responsiveness (how your site looks on smaller screens), load speed and core web vitals, EAT (Googles acronym for “expertise, authority and trustworthiness”). We don’t just analyse your website for these factors though, we look at your businesses competitors and how they are performing in search as well so we can produce a longer-term strategy to help you compete and stand out.

Our reports start out with a deep scan or “crawl” of your website to find any errors or issues that may be affecting your rankings. These are typically things like pages that are missing titles or descriptions, URL’s or titles that are too long, duplicated content, etc. Many of these are things that you can fix yourself if you like or can be added to a list of actions for us to complete after the report has been written. We then go on to investigate the keywords (things that people type into search engines to find your website) that are most relevant to your business, we look at where your website visitors are coming from and the quality of those backlinks, and other quick wins that you can implement straight away after reading the report!

SEO audits for your business cost a flat rate of £280 for the report to be generated and we will provide a separate quote for whichever recommendations you agree for us to carry out. Bear in mind that SEO is a medium – long term endeavour and you’re unlikely to see results straight away, it can take several months to see the benefits of a good SEO strategy but the long term benefits and traffic that you can gain will be well worth the investment.

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