Google Consent Mode v2 Compliance and Recommended Action for UK Businesses

As the digital landscape evolves, staying compliant with privacy regulations is more important than ever. Google has introduced an essential update that requires immediate attention: Google Consent Mode v2. This update is crucial for ensuring compliance with the latest privacy regulations, including GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act. It directly impacts how data is collected and processed on your website.

What is Google Consent Mode v2?

Google Consent Mode v2 enhances the management of user consent preferences. It introduces new consent parameters, giving users greater control over how their data is used for advertising and analytics. While this update is strongly recommended for all websites using Google Analytics and Google Ads within the UK and EU/EEA, it is not strictly mandatory. However, adopting it is highly beneficial for compliance and data accuracy.

Why is This Important?

1. Legal Compliance: Staying compliant with privacy regulations is not just a legal requirement but also builds trust with your users, fostering a positive user experience.

2. Data Accuracy: Proper implementation of Consent Mode v2 ensures that your analytics and advertising data remain accurate, even when users do not provide explicit consent.

3. SEO and Site Ranking: While Consent Mode v2 does not directly affect site rankings, non-compliance can lead to inaccurate data collection, impacting your ability to optimise user experience and indirectly affecting your SEO performance.

Understanding Consent Management Platforms (CMPs)

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a tool used to manage user consent for data collection, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. CMPs handle the display of cookie banners, collect and store user consent preferences, and communicate these preferences to other systems and services, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. Implementing a CMP helps ensure that your website respects user privacy and adheres to legal requirements.

Our Solution

To help you seamlessly transition to Google Consent Mode v2, we are offering a comprehensive compliance package, which includes:


  • Initial Setup: Implementing a compliant CMP and configuring Google tags to align with Consent Mode v2 requirements.
  • Annual CMP checks and updates: Maintaining the CMP and ensure ongoing compliance with privacy regulations.


This package ensures that your website remains user-friendly, respects all privacy regulations, and continues to gather accurate data for analytics and advertising.


While implementing Google Consent Mode v2 is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to stay up to date with the latest regulations and maintain optimal website performance. This is especially crucial if your business relies heavily on search traffic, e-commerce, or online advertising.

Without Consent Mode v2, Google cannot verify the accuracy of your analytics data, potentially leading to misleading insights. Staying compliant not only helps avoid legal issues but also enhances user trust and marketing effectiveness.

Next Steps

For all KCS customers and any WordPress users out there who wish to proceed with this update and ensure your website remains compliant, please contact us

Ensuring your site remains compliant not only helps avoid potential legal issues but also enhances user trust and maintains the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

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