Windows 10 free upgrade… Do you? Don’t you?

The free Windows 10 upgrade is on offer to people running Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1. This free upgrade offer runs out on July 29th 2016

You have probably found that Microsoft has automatically downloaded and installed on your computers what we have been referring to as “Badger-ware”. This will now be badgering you with the call to upgrade for free! What could possibly go wrong?

Most upgrades should and do go smoothly, it seems the newer the PC and provided that there are no underlying problems existing on the PC being upgraded, this should be a smooth and worthwhile transition, but this is not always the case. There are no guarantees or warranties at any point along this upgrade path, so Do You or Don’t You?

Our current advice is:

From our experience the older the computer, the bigger the gamble. Extended support for Windows 7 ends on the 14/1/2020, so Windows 7 users have best part of a further four years before security updates stop and a replacement operating system is needed. Therefore, if you have an older computer and you are planning to replace it over the next few years, our advice would be DON’T do it. If you have a newish computer your odds are far better.

Before upgrading protect your data first. Make sure you do a complete back-up of your PC to an external hard drive. If you do not have an external hard drive you should buy one. It is as important today as it always has been to back up your data, and after the upgrade you will be able to re-use the external hard drive to set up a regular backup of your data. It is hard for us, and distressing to the customer, to explain that all their photos and correspondents have been lost due to the fact that they never backed up their data, and the hard drive that stores this data has totally failed. Standard hard drives that store all your data, including photographs, have a high speed spinning disk within and as such have moving parts. It’s unfortunately not a case of if, but when, it will fail. We all hope it will run for the life of the computer but this is not the reality. Always regularly run a backup to an external hard drive, even with a brand new computer

If you DO run the upgrade and it all goes horribly wrong, and you take the bad nasty mess to your local support company, please remember that this is not their doing.  Please remember there are no guarantees or warranties with this free upgrade from Microsoft and a lot of time may well be needed to put things back in order for you.

KCS can help you with the upgrade if needed, from providing external backup drives to providing the full upgrade service where we take care of the initial backups. Our experienced workshop engineers will monitor the whole upgrade proses through to completion. If required, we can then configure the new Windows 10 to schedule a regular back up to an external drive so your data is backed up for protection.

KCS can also stop the “Badger-ware”, a 15-minute remote session to your computer by one of our engineers can put a stop to the persistent call to upgrade. (Pending no other problems)