Webcam brings River to Life in ‘The Greta’ Exhibition

We are collaborating on an exciting art project! Our engineers are installing a webcam to beam live images of the continual flow of the river and water life in onto the wall in the main exhibition space at Keswick Museum, March 11 – May 15.

The concept of the exhibition ‘The Greta’  is based on the book of that title by local author (and KCS customer) Keith Richardson who hit on the idea of the webcam as a means of quite literally bringing the river into the exhibition. The webcam will enable a river to make a dramatic impact when it quite literally ‘flows through’ the exibition. The webcam will be strategically placed in a studio overlooking a pool on the river at Toll Bar Cottage, Penrith Road.

Read the full press release: The Greta Exhibition, Webcam brings river to life

Image sourced from ‘The Greta’ by Keith Richardson. Photographer, Val Corbett.