5 Ways to Gain More Site Traffic

We all want more website traffic, without it, the phone wouldn’t ring, we’d have no emails, and crucially no business! We’ve compiled this quick and easy list of ways to drive more traffic to your website and hopefully increase your conversions in the process.

1: Social Media Posts

Posting on social media is a great way to share your content. When you write a new blog post or introduce new services you should be posting this to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages which should generate some traffic.


2: Add a blog to your site

Creating a blog for your website is a brilliant way to gain more traffic. Make sure to post articles that are relevant to your business and include some good keywords. If you’re unsure about which keywords to target, you can use tools like Moz SEO, or Ubersuggest to research and find some good quality keywords to target.


3: Email Marketing

An email newsletter is a perfect opportunity to drive some quality traffic to your website. Because your email list has to contain only addresses that have opted-in to receiving your newsletter you will have an engaged audience who are expecting to hear from you.

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4: PPC Ads

Running pay-per-click ads is a quick and easy way to drive traffic to your site. With PPC ads you can bid for certain keywords and phrases, e.g. “best holiday cottages in the lake district” and set your maximum cost per click. This is the most you’ll pay Google for a click on your website.

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5: Google My Business Listing

Your Google Business Listing is key for local SEO. You’ll probably have noticed when searching for local businesses that google now presents a map with a few suggested businesses. This data comes from Google My Business, which is a free listing not too dissimilar from the old phone books and yellow pages.

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