Super Fast WordPress Web Hosting

In 2019, we made major investments, both financial and in man power, upgrading and optimising our web hosting server. We upgraded our virtual platform to a dedicated server and we have the ability to upscale this in the future to provide our clients with the latest and best hosting solution possible.

Dell Enterprise Server

Discovery is our high-spec, dedicated server, built specifically for our hosting needs.

2 x 1TB SSD

Blazing fast SSD’s allow reduced access times and superior performance.

Enhanced Backups

We take full backups of all our sites every 24 hours, and we store 30 backups.

Xeon E5 CPU’s

16 cores of pure processing power provides high performance, using less energy.

1Gbps Network

Our Gigabit network provides high speed and high bandwidth for multiple users.

Phenomenal Uptime

Our optimisation works, you can view our 7 day server up-time report on Pingdom.


Capable of handling fast data processing to prevent crashing or slow load times.

Hardened Security

Enhanced server security to defend against hacker attacks and security issues.

UK Datacentre

All your data is stored safely and securely within our state-of-the-art data centre.

Fully Managed Server

Our dedicated server is fully managed and maintained by our Webs Team. This includes system updates and software patches that ensure the server is as up to date and secure as possible.

It's not just a High Spec Server that counts...

Having a high spec server is only part of having a fast website, website caching is one of the most beneficial technologies available. In short, it makes websites extremely fast, which leads to better SEO scores and increased user satisfaction.

The underlying idea behind caching is really very simple. Websites are generally viewed hundreds, thousands, or sometimes even millions of times per month. Normally, each time a browser requests a web page, the server has to do a bunch of complex (and time consuming) calculations. It retrieves the latest posts, generates the header and footer, finds your site’s sidebar widgets, and so on. However, in many cases, the result of all these calculations will be exactly the same. This is exactly what caching is, it remembers the final result instead of processing each request separately.

We spent time caching and optimising our own web site and the results can be seen for themselves. Contact us to find out how we can optimise your site and content.

Page Speed Score100%
Pingdom Tools97%
Google Site Test (Desktop)100%
YSlow Score100%
Web Page Performance Test100%
Google Site Test (Mobile)100%