Business Phone Systems (VoIP)

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system gives you everything  traditional business phone systems do but are hosted in the cloud. That means you spend less money on hardware, maintenance and calls.

Your office calls, anywhere.

Cloud-based business phone systems give you greater flexibility because you can take and manage calls not just from your desk phone, but from your computer and your mobile. So you can use all of the features of the office system wherever you are. There are a huge number of benefits, including…

Voicemail To Email

Deliver voicemails as an email attachment.

Company Directory

All stored phone numbers are stored for all company employees.

Do Not Disturb

Send calls directly to voicemail, or to a colleague.

Hunt Groups

Ring multiple extensions in a department when a call comes in.

Time Of Day Routing

Route your calls based on the time of day.

Caller ID

Recipients will see your office number as normal, even from your mobile.