The importance of WiFi for Accommodation Providers

Accommodation Providers – Don’t take the chance of your guests’ Wi-Fi being down.

Poor Wi-Fi reviews on social media are bad for bookings and a big negative for business.

Back in yesteryear the most important requirements for an enjoyable holiday were a decent book and good weather. Not any more it seems. We modern travelers now place access to Wi-Fi as the most desired ‘comfort’ while away on a holiday break.

Research suggests that internet connectivity beats cleanliness for the majority of holidaymakers. Social networks Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used websites whilst on holiday with 43 percent usage between them. These are followed by celebrity gossip sites, sports news portals and, luckily, work email trailing at 16 per cent, suggesting that many people are unable to fully switch off even while away. Over half of people admitted to asking if a restaurant has Wi-Fi before opting to eat there, crazy as it may seem, you would have thought that the quality of the Bolognaise would be the item of most import!

KCS have installed and maintained numerous Wi-Fi networks for hotels and guest accommodation over many years and we offer a fully monitored and managed service or, if preferred, we can set you up with alerting to monitor and manage your own Wi-Fi network.

For more information on these services and the solutions we can provide please contact us on info@kcssolutions.co.uk or 017687 75526.