Are your passwords out in the wild? Google launches new tool to show compromised accounts.

We’re all guilty of using the same password here and there – so how do you know if your account details have been compromised?

Google has launched a chrome extension that tells you just that – every time you log in to a website the extension checks its database of over 2 billion username/email and password combinations to ensure you’re not at risk.

If the extension does find a compromised account, you’ll be notified immediately – this is a good opportunity to review your accounts and most importantly, change your passwords.

At KCS, we recommend using a different password for each online account. Don’t worry about having to remember them all – most web browsers will remember them for you, and can remind you of them if required. Tools like Correct Battery Horse Staple are great for generating random passwords.

Grab the chrome extension here – it’ll run in the background and detect compromised accounts on login.