Cumbrian weather vs Calvert Trust Broadband

By July 12, 2018 Latest News

Six years of Cumbrian weather eventually took down the 4-mile wireless link that feeds broadband to the Calvert Trust.

A few weeks ago we got the call from the Calvert Trust advising that their Broadband had gone down.  We dispatched one of our Technical Engineers immediately to investigate the issue because with no broadband we had no remote connection to the Calvert Trust network.

On arrival the power supply that powers the external antenna that beams 4 miles across Bassenthwaite lake to Braithwaite Village was change, but did not bring the link back on line.  Further investigation pointed heavily that the antenna had died. Six years of Cumbrian weather had eventually taken down the wireless link that feeds broadband to the Calvert Trust.

A special order for new upgraded antennas was ordered on a pre-12 delivery and the new kit was delivered at around 10am the following morning.  Our team then jumped into action and configured the kit, scaled high ladders to fit the new kit and the Calvert Trust was enjoying being back on the internet with emails flowing within little over 24hrs form the failure.