Blencathra Cam Update

Unfortunately our Blencathra Web Cam is due to be sent back to the USA

The photo above was one of the last shots to be taken using the Blencathera Web Cam, before Mark was back up onto the roof to take down the camera (see photo). Not long after installing the camera, we noticed condensation had occurred within the housing. Far from ideal in the testing Lake District elements! The camera is housed in an IP66 rated external housing that should not let moisture in, so the camera is now on another journey, this time back to Ubiquiti in the United States for repair or replacement.

This is a great shame especially as we had only been using/testing it for two weeks and had managed to get some great footage. We have been told that Ubiquiti will expedite this process, however we still envisage this taking a month or more before the Blencathra Cam is back up and running. Keep tuned in for the next instalment of our webcam adventures…

In the meantime, here’s a screen-grab of a pretty impressive rainbow captured by our Skiddaw Cam today: